Alto – The Alternative IRA – Investing in Real Estate – Start-Ups, Cryptocurrnecy and more.

This post is not about numismatics although some numismatists like to invest in non-traditional assets and if possible, invest in them through their IRAs.    Thanks to my affiliate marketing ventures and my numismatic eBay store, I put away as much as I can into my regular and retirement savings.

My parents have taught me to have a diversified portfolio so my investments are spread out between stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, collector coins, and alternative investments such as start up companies.

One of the companies I invested in is Alto IRA and since investing, I have begun using their service for investing in start-ups, real estate, and other alternative investments that you can now include in your IRA. Most recently I opened up a Cripto IRA. As I am new to the criptocurrencies, I will only be putting a small percentage of my money in that account until I learn more.   If you are looking for additional ways to invest your money, I invite you to look at Alto. This link will take you to their site and provide you with a $75 fee credit and an opportunity to watch their video and view the FAQs.   

You can open up a Traditional, ROTH, or a SEP IRA. Click here to learn more      

Here is a screen shot of their welcome page:


Explore Alternative Assets

With our easy-to-use platform, you can invest in alternative assets — things like startups, growth companies, cryptocurrency, real-estate, and more with endless possibilities.

Make an investment through one of our 21 partners, or invest in any private deal you have on your radar!

Tax-Advantaged Investing

By using an IRA to fund your investments, you maintain the tax benefits that come with qualified retirement accounts — resulting in greater effective returns for you. 

With Alto, you choose your IRA type — Traditional, Roth, or SEP:
• Traditional or SEP? Pay no taxes on gains until you take a distribution.1
• Roth IRA? Pay no taxes on gains.1


Low Fees and Transparent Pricing

You’ll keep more of what you earn on your investments. That’s because Alto has lower fees than other self-directed IRA custodians. Plus, we don’t believe in hidden charges, investment minimums, or set-up fees.

With Alto, there are only 2 fees:
• Highest monthly account fee is $30 per month, no matter your account size
• Transaction fees ranging from $0 to $150, depending on the investment size

You can open up a Traditional, ROTH, or a SEP IRA. Click here to learn more      

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