Running for an American Numismatic Association Governor position.

I am excited to announce I will be running for one of the ANA Governor positions this summer. Now through the end of February is the nomination period. I am asking those who are familiar with me and would like to have me on the ballot, to please go to and print out the nomination form and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.

It has been my intention to run for a Governor position in a few years however, I have been recently contacted by several leading numismatists suggesting I run this year.

Over the past eight years, I have attended the summer seminar each year except for the pandemic years, served as the first youth volunteer District Representative, ran the YN summer auction one session, write for The Numismatist, and was selected as the 2019 Young Numismatist of the Year. Additionally, I am a member of numerous coin clubs and associations around the world, and I have been very active on social media for 10 years discussing different aspects of numismatics while doing my best to introduce coin collecting to as many as possible.

My eBay store and setting up as a dealer at shows along with my collecting passion has given me insight to both sides of the table – the seller and buyer. I believe I can represent both and share my thoughts to make our hobby even better with the ANA’s assistance. A key part of my platform is to engage the potential younger collector as well as young adults through social media. It is imperative that we grow our great hobby. We need to do a better job at introducing and attracting younger generations to numismatics.

I believe it is time I give more back this great organization. Your nomination now and your eventual vote this spring would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,


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