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American Numismatic Association Membership Information and Application

Link to the American Numismatic Association Membership Application:
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My email address if you have any questions or are interested in the life membership:

Hello, welcome to Numismatics with Kenny. My name is Kenny Sammut and I am a young numismatist and a volunteer District Representative as well as a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association. The American Numismatic Association or ANA for short is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and encouraging people to study and collect coins, paper money and related items.

I created this video for all collectors including children from 5 to 17 as well as seasoned numismatists to consider joining the ANA. There are a number of excellent benefits you will enjoy as a member and the cost to join is very reasonable.
Benefits include:

• Access to the largest lending numismatic library in the world
• Numismatic educational opportunities through the Florence Schook School of Numismatics
• Free admission to the Edward C Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs
• Free admission to the annual ANA National Money Show and the World’s Fair of Money
• Opportunity to attend the Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs
• Discounts on books and coin-collecting supplies from the Wizard Coin Supply
• Discounts on members-only savings on products and services from a number of well-known companies

For young members, there are several additional great benefits:
• The Dollar project where you will learn why coin collecting is such a great hobby and will have a chance to earn free coins
• The coins for A’s program. You will receive great coins for excellent report cards – just 3 A’s or more
• Participate in the Ancient Coin project and earn ancient coins
• Apply for a partial of full scholarship to attend the Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs. For me this has been a wonderful benefit as I have attended the last four summers
• Participate in the American Early Copper Coin Project. Earn awards such as early American large coins, reference books, supplies and more
• Receive YN dollars for your participation in coin related activities. These YN dollars can then be used in the monthly YN auctions or the annual online YN auction – I have received a lot of great coins with this benefit

One of the best benefits of all is a subscription to the monthly ANA’s membership magazine – The Numismatist.

You have the option of purchasing a Gold, Platinum, or Life Membership. The platinum membership includes the printed version of The Numismatist which will be mailed to you each month or the Gold membership which includes the electronic version of The Numismatist which can be read online.

Choose the best membership choice for you or your child. Discounts are offered to young collectors.

The coin collecting hobby has been a wonderful experience for me over the past eight years and I encourage everyone and especially young people to take some time to get involved in the hobby:

• Go to the bank and purchase rolls and then search them for neat finds.
• Attend a coin show
• Stop by a coin dealers store
• Join a coin club
• Share the hobby with a parent and child. My dad and I spend a great deal of time together because of coin collecting
• Most of all, get involved in the ANA and become a member – Being a member has been an important reason why my enjoyment and passion for the hobby has continued to grow.

Thank you for watching and I hope you join the ANA. Again, please find the membership link below. Print and fill out the membership form and send it directly to the ANA. If you would like more information about becoming a life member, please email me at

Click here to view and print the membership application

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