200 Numismatic Pamphlets/Literature added to my eBay store.

Added over 200 new numismatic literature listings to my eBay store. Very eclectic group covering many areas of numismatics.

Link to the Numismatic Books/Literature category – Numismatics with Kenny | eBay Stores

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American Numismatic Association 2023 Board of Governors Video Forum

2023 American Numismatic Association Board of Governors Election

I participated in the ANA’s Candidate Forum. If you have not had a chance to view it, I am including the link here: https://youtu.be/2gik8YHw8pg

I am running for one of the seven ANA Governor positions and sincerely ask all ANA members for their vote when the ballots are sent in late May or early June of this year. For those of you who do not know me, here is a little bit about me.

My numismatic passion began when I was eight years old. Within two years, I was a member of five local coin and currency clubs as well as a young numismatist (YN) ANA member. In 2013, I received the first of several ANA Summer Seminar scholarships and have had the good fortune of attending every summer seminar since then. The seminars have allowed me to build wonderful relationships with many of the top numismatists around the country as well as making friends with hundreds of collectors.

Eight years ago, I began promoting my numismatic interest on several social media platforms and now have thousands of followers worldwide. This outreach has introduced me to many serious collectors, as we trade thoughts about collecting.

In 2019, I began as a part-time show dealer. In May of that year, I opened the Numismatics with Kenny eBay store. Thanks to my loyal and new customers, I have sold over 27,000 numismatic items.

Also in 2019, the ANA announced I was selected the Young Numismatist of the Year, such a great honor. The ANA also chose me to be the first YN Volunteer District Representative in its history. Through my social media efforts, attending coin shows manning the ANA booth and including ANA membership applications with each of my eBay sales, I am doing my best to promote the ANA.

Last year, the ANA asked three other young adult collectors and myself to write articles for the column opened up by the retirement of Q. David Bowers. As it has been a goal of mine to follow in the steps of Messrs. Bowers and Ken Bressett, I was thrilled to participate.

I am also a charter member of the ANA’s Dr. George F. Health Society – https://www.money.org/HEATH-SOCIETY

I have had multiple internships with NGC and plan to make numismatics my career when I graduate from Seton Hall University, Stillman School of Business in 2024.

Lastly, I give a special thank you to my mentors. Their encouragement played a key role in my embracing the hobby.

If elected Governor, I will represent the collector, dealer, and most importantly the young numismatists. If we all work together, we can grow this exciting and special hobby.

Thank you for taking time to view the forum video and your vote for me.

Kenny Sammut


Running for an American Numismatic Association Governor position.

I am excited to announce I will be running for one of the ANA Governor positions this summer. Now through the end of February is the nomination period. I am asking those who are familiar with me and would like to have me on the ballot, to please go to money.org/election and print out the nomination form and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.

It has been my intention to run for a Governor position in a few years however, I have been recently contacted by several leading numismatists suggesting I run this year.

Over the past eight years, I have attended the summer seminar each year except for the pandemic years, served as the first youth volunteer District Representative, ran the YN summer auction one session, write for The Numismatist, and was selected as the 2019 Young Numismatist of the Year. Additionally, I am a member of numerous coin clubs and associations around the world, and I have been very active on social media for 10 years discussing different aspects of numismatics while doing my best to introduce coin collecting to as many as possible.

My eBay store and setting up as a dealer at shows along with my collecting passion has given me insight to both sides of the table – the seller and buyer. I believe I can represent both and share my thoughts to make our hobby even better with the ANA’s assistance. A key part of my platform is to engage the potential younger collector as well as young adults through social media. It is imperative that we grow our great hobby. We need to do a better job at introducing and attracting younger generations to numismatics.

I believe it is time I give more back this great organization. Your nomination now and your eventual vote this spring would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,



$25,000 in New Numismatic eBay listings plus November Sale

Just added over $25,000 in new numismatic listings to my eBay store. US and World coins, exonumia, world sets, and some bullion.

You will also find all numismatic books and literature on sale for 30% off. In addition, over 500 other listings are on sale through November. These items offer a 15% discount.

I invite everyone to visit my store and thank you for all of your past business.


Click below to visit my store. I have also created a bargain bin category. In time, I will be adding hundreds of listings to this category.


15% Off Numismatic Books Sale and $25,000 in new coin and exonumia listings. Corrected with link.

From now through September 30th, Numismatics with Kenny is having a 15% off sale on all books. No coupon needed.

While you are visiting the store, please click on your favorite collecting categories to view all of my world and US coin, exonumia, and currency listings.

I added over $25,000 in new listings this past week. Be sure to take advantage of the listings that offer a savings coupon (you will see the coupon noted on the items page).

The store now has over 19,000 sales totaling approximately 23,000 items in the past three years. I am proud to have a 100% rating on eBay. I sincerely thank all of my past customers for their continued support.

If you do not follow my store, please do so. You will be notified when I add new listings so you can be the first to take a look at the item.

To visit my store, please click here: https://www.ebay.com/str/numismaticswithkenny

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So-called dollars and more books added to my eBay store

I know I have not written an article in a long time. Right after finishing up my sophomore year at Seton Hall in May, I flew down to Sarasota to begin my second summer internship at NGC. Finished up last week and once again, I had a great time while increasing my numismatic knowledge. Mr. Rick Montgomery, President of NGC, and the entire staff made me feel welcomed. I hope to go back during my Christmas vacation.

During the internship, I had an opportunity to attend one week of the ANA’s Summer Seminars. It was my sixth Summer Seminar and I highly recommend all numismatists make it a point to add it to your bucket list of things to do.

While at the Summer Seminar, I purchased approximately 160 books during the ANA Library book sale. Many of those books have been listed on my eBay store. I invite you to take a look.

In regards to my eBay store, I just created a new category – So-called dollars. I have the pleasure of working with a well-known so-called dollar collector and dealer. Each month, I plan on listing up to 80 so-called dollars. The first 20 have just been listed. If you collect so-called dollars, I invite you to visit my store and follow it so you are notified when new listings go up.

Lastly, during the next two weeks before my junior year begins, I will be listing approximately 100 world and US coins, numismatic books, a lot of exonumia, and some bullion each day.

Click here to visit my eBay store: https://www.ebay.com/str/numismaticswithkenny

I am excited to share more than 19,000 items totaling over 21,000 coins, books, and exonumia have been sold since I opened the store three years ago. I truly appreciate all of you who have purchased items.

My latest article will be appearing in The Numismatist next month. Hope you will read it.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,


The E-Sylum – A free weekly newsletter published by the Numismatic Bibliomania Society

I have been a long time reader of the E-Sylum and recommend it to all numismatists. It is a free weekly newsletter published by the Numismatic Bibliomania Society (highly recommend you join the society too but it is not required to receive the free newsletter).

Click on this link to receive a sample issue – http://e-sylum.org/

Here is a short excerpt from their site:

Begun in 1998, the newsletter goes out by email every Sunday night to over 6,000 numismatic bibliophiles, researchers, and just plain collectors around the world. Topics are all over the numismatic map, and most people find something of interest each week. Coins, tokens, medals and paper money of all time periods are discussed as well as news on a wide spectrum of numismatics and numismatic personalities. We’d love to have you on board.

WHAT’S WITH THE FUNNY NAME? Well, our organization is the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, a group for people who love coin books and are crazy for any and all information about numismatics. Our print journal is The Asylum, so our electronic publication naturally became The E-Sylum. While The E-Sylum is free to all, only paid members of NBS receive The Asylum.

Hope you subscribe!


MY NGC Internship and 600 New Numismatic Listings on my eBay store

Sadly, my four week internship ended. The time I spent with the great people at NGC was a highlight of my young numismatic career. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot thank everyone enough. Mr. Mark, Mr. Rick, Ms. Pam, Mr. Scott, Keith, Ben and others were so kind with their time and knowledge sharing.

Thank you so much!

It has been a very busy week since I flew back from Sarasota. I have listed over 400 numismatic listings so far this week with the best 200 listings going up today and tomorrow. US & World coins, currency, and #exonumia. All numismatic books and several hundred coins are on sale. I invite you to look. My remaining numismatic books are up to 60% off.

If you do not follow my store, I invite you to click on the follow seller button. You will be made aware of when I add new listings.


Thank you NGC! My Intership with them in Sarasota

I just completed my first week of a month internship at @NGCcoin. The education I am receiving is amazing and have loved every minute of it. I thank Mr. Mark Salzberg for offering the internship and also thank Rick, Scott, Ben and everyone for being so kind with their time and knowledge.

The week went by so quickly. I cannot wait to start the new week tomorrow. As a young numismatist who has a passion for our hobby, this is truly a wonderful experience and I am very grateful to NGC!

500 new Numismatic Listings Added to my eBay store

It has been a busy week purchasing coins for my store. I have added approximately 250 new listings and will have 500+ new listings ($30,000+) up by Monday night. I invite you to visit my #numismatic eBay store. Sales have been brisk. World & US coins & currency, exonumia, collector bullion, & more.

Click here to visit the store and while you are there, please save me as one of your sellers so you are made aware of when I add new listings:


There are approximately 600 listings on sale (15 to 40% off) including coins, currency, numismatic books, and exonumia.

One of the newly listed coins