Early US Silver Coins and the John Reich Collectors Society – Numismatics with Kenny

Early US Silver Coins and the John Reich Collectors Society

This video is an overview of Early U.S. silver coins and the John Reich Collectors Society (JRCS). The JRCS is a group of collectors who study the U.S. gold and silver coins minted prior to the Liberty Seated series. We hold our annual meeting at the ANA World’s Fair of Money and also meet at the winter FUN show in Florida. All meetings include an educational presentation.

Many JRCS members collect early U.S. silver coins by die marriage. These coins were made using an obverse and a reverse die. A die marriage is the unique combination of these 2 dies. The dies were handmade, so each was slightly different. So even though each series has the same basic design, each die marriage is distinctive.

Our members include beginning collectors as well as recognized experts in this field who are happy to share their knowledge about the coins we love. In this video, a few of our members discuss each of the 5 denominations of early U.S. silver coinage: half dimes, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars.

If you would like to learn more about the John Reich Collectors Society, please visit our website at http://www.jrcs.org. You can download a membership application directly from the website. Dues are $25 a year and in return, you will receive 3 issues of the John Reich Journal (JRJ), the official club publication. The Journal contains articles detailing interesting collecting stories, research papers, and censuses, to name a few. Back issues of the JRJ can be found on the Newman Numismatic Portal at http://www.nnp.wustl.edu.

The JRCS also supports an official weekly e-newsletter called the JR Newsletter and can be found at http://www.jr-newsletter.blogspot.com. It’s free to anyone and contains information on upcoming events and new discoveries. It also allows members to keep in touch on a more regular and informal basis. Please consider signing up for the JR Newsletter at jrnewsletter(at)gmail.com.

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