2019 ANA Young Numismatist of the Year Winner Announcement – Numismatics with Kenny

2019 ANA Young Numismatist of the Year Winner Announcement – Numismatics with Kenny

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I just returned from my fifth American Numismatic Association (ANA) Summer Seminar. This year marked the 51st Summer Seminar offered by the ANA and it will always be a very special one for me. Earlier this year, the ANA notified me that I was nominated for this year’s 2019 Young Numismatist of the Year award. A number of wonderful people including Ken Bressett, Steve Roach, Pam Stitely, George Mavrelos, Jim McDermott, Joe Furia, and others sent in letters of reference supporting my nomination.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous during the second week’s closing ceremonies. Several of my YN friends were deserving of the award. The ANA closes each week’s ceremony with the award’s presentation. When the master of ceremonies, Mr. David Sklow, the ANA’s Dwight N. Manley Library Director, began his introduction of the winner, it took me several seconds to realize he was speaking about me. My mind literally went blank as I was overcome with emotion. In just a minute, I will show the presentation but before I do, I want to thank the ANA for this wonderful award.

The ANA has helped me grow not only as a collector but in my personal life too. I was only 13 when I first attended a summer seminar. To say I was shy, would be an understatement but thanks to all of the ANA staff, the adults attending the seminars, and my fellow young numismatists, my confidence grew when it came to my interactions with everyone, public speaking, and leadership as I was offered the opportunity to run the 2018 first week YN Summer Seminar Auction to raise money for future Young Numismatists to receive a scholarship to the Summer Seminars.

I encourage young and experienced collectors to attend at least one Summer Seminar. You will have the opportunity to meet some of the leaders in our hobby, take a course in a numismatic area you are interested taught by an expert in that area, share a week of comradery with others passionate about numismatics, purchase numismatic literature at a great discount, and pick up some great numismatic items during the Young Numismatist auction.

I encourage other Young Numismatists to apply for a Summer Seminar scholarship. The experience will be immeasurable.

If you are not a member of the ANA (adult or youth) and would like information, contact me at numismatistkenny@gmail.comm and I would be pleased to send you an application. By joining the ANA, you will be eligible for many great benefits including borrow from the largest numismatic library in the world, receive the award-winning monthly publication, The Numismatist, discounts on a number of offers, the Coin for A’s program, and much more.

In addition to this video, I have uploaded several other 2019 ANA Summer Seminar videos that I hope you enjoy.

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